STEAMEX began in 1987 as an off-shoot of STEAMEX of Dothan. Just two young guys in partnership, wanting to clean carpet and upholstery professionally. Two years later, Rylan bought out the business and went in a new direction.

Focusing on the rental market in Auburn, we went on the expand into painting, apartment clean-up, and carpet repairs and installation. This required several vans and even more people! We weren’t happy with the level of service we were offering by having to be so far removed from the customer (buried under all those layers of management!)

Changing directions again, we went back to the basics. We quit doing everything except carpet, upholstery, and rug cleaning. We whittled the company back down to just we two – back on the front lines and in touch with our customers! We love building the relationships that we do – on the phone and in person! We have quality control “in the bag,” as our business is just the right size for us to provide you with the very best service available.

Somewhere in the midst of all this, we managed to have four beautiful children (sometimes heard though not seen when you call :) ). We work hard and set an example for them to always do their best, and we often find ways for them to help (that’s why the stamp on your postcard might be crooked sometimes :) ).